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Quality of Service

Quality of Service

In the first phase we provide you with a complete audit of your business. The results of provided information serve as a basis for your decision. Based on results we agree on future steps and create a training plan and implementation of standards in all departments of your hotel. The training plan can be adjusted according to individual departments and is again the result of mutual dialogue.
The position of the hotel on the market is very strongly influenced by the quality of service. The PR can be positive or very negative.
The following part of our services is our flagship - our unique approach, preparation and detailed work. The results are processed into standards for your team, on which you can start to set up a long-term positioning of the hotel on the market.

Mystery Guest
- in your hotel
- in competitor’s hotel
- result and further steps
- promptitude, quality of offer
- up selling

- efficiency, quality
- enjoyment and smile
- information

Restaurant, Bar
- product knowledge
- efficiency, quality
- enjoyment and smile
- experience
- cleanliness, fragrance
- elegance
- SPA a Wellness
- relaxation, recreation
- experience
- serenity

Sales and Marketing
- right partners and sales
- to be better than
  the competition