Investment <br/> and Development

and Development

Investment and Development

Investment and Development

Our assessment of all financial projects is the same,  as if this would be our own. We act according to the principle that Your money has higher value than ours. We are aware that you entrust us with your investments and we honour your trust in us.  We have the same interest as an investor -  a long-term, effective and financially lucrative operation of the hotel. Short-term solutions are not our goal and we do not serve them.
The evaluation of our services in this area is always very transparent and it is set before the start of each step. Especially in this area of our services, we present a high business ethics and information credibility.

Feasibility study
- providing the elaboration

- performing in collaboration with financial specialists
- our  partners will find for you the best possible solution
Refinancing of existing hotel
- performing according to its current situation and needs
- possibility of further project development

Sale of property
- listing of your property on the market among professionals,
  who deal with buying and selling hotels in the Czech Republic and
- price recommendations based on the market acceptance

Setting up the reporting according to the Uniform System of Accounts
- providing a regular overview of your investment
- periodical reporting is a part of our management and it can be set up on a daily basis. In normal operation we implent monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual reports